Potato Skins $15.79
Fresh scooped-out baked potatoes, filled with bacon, two cheeses, and green onions. Served with sour cream.

Chicken Strips $14.69
Four tender breaded chicken breast strips. Served with plum sauce. Try them buffalo or teriyaki. Add fries or salad for $1.99.

Prawns Gratinée $16.69
Six tiger prawns sautéed with 1550’s creamy alfredo sauce. Baked with 2 cheeses and served with garlic toast.

Naan and Tzatziki or Hummus $12.99
Traditional Mediterranean favorites. Served with grilled naan for dippin’!

Pan-Fried Perogies $14.89
Potato-cheddar perogies pan-fried with bacon and onions. Served with sour cream.

Steamed Mussels $21.99
1 lb of fresh, steamed mussels in roasted garlic and white wine cream sauce. Served with garlic toast.

Cod Bites $14.89
Alaskan cod nuggets breaded with potato and deep fried to perfection. served with tartar for dippin’.

Chicken Wings 1lb $18.29
1 lb Fresh meaty wings and drummettes smothered in one of 1550’s secret sauces: BBQ, Teriyaki, Honey-Garlic, Honey Hot, Cajun, Szechwan, Dry Jerk, Bleu Moon, Thai Peanut, Ancho Chipotle, Sweet Chili, Lemon Pepper, “3 Alarm” or dare to try 1550’s “5 Alarm”.

1550’s Nachos Supreme $27.99
or Half-Order $19.99
Tortilla chips piled high and layered with two cheeses, tomatoes, green onions and olives. Served with sour cream and salsa. Jalapeños on request. • Add guacamole, extra salsa, and sour cream $2.49 • Add spiced beef/cajun chicken/pulled pork $5.69 • Add extra cheese $5.69

Quesadillas $16.99
A giant grilled flour tortilla served with salsa and sour cream and your choice of: • Tex Mex-BBQ chicken, cheese, pineapple and sweet bell peppers • Bacon, cheese and green onions • Spiced Beef and Cheese • Chicken and cheese • Add fries or salad for $1.99

Vegetarian Quesadillas $16.99
Tomatoes, black olives, hummus, green onions, sweet peppers, and two cheeses. Served with sour cream and salsa.

Breaded Pork Bites $14.99
House made boneless pork bites. Breaded and deep fried. Tossed with black pepper & coarse salt.

Battered Cauliflower Bites $15.79
Deep fried battered cauliflower tossed in one of our 1550’s secret sauces: BBQ • Teriyaki • Honey-Garlic Cajun • Szechwan • Dry Pepper • Dry Jerk • Sweet Chili Thai Peanut • Lemon Pepper • Ancho Chipotle • Bleu Moon Honey Hot • 3 Alarm or dare to try our 5 Alarm. Served with blue cheese for dippin’.

*Prices subject to change without notice*